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Mar 1, 2014 4:00am PST
, secretary kerry, all worning russia it would be a grave mistake to intervene in ukraine when it appeared the diplomatic efforts were failing. president obama came out with a stern warning. here is more of what he had to say. >> throughout this crisis, we have been clear about one fundamental principal. the ukrainian people deserve the opportunity to decide their own future. we urged an end to the violence and urge the ukrainians to stabilize their country for a broad based government and move to elections this spring. >> reporter: now, u.s. officials will continue to monitor the situation closely. i anticipate there will be a flurry of high level phone calls. vice president biden called the prime minister of ukraine yesterday, reiterated the fact the u.s. supports it government there, commended the government on the restraint it has shown so far. u.s. officials have been adamant about the fact this is not a return to cold war tensions between the united states and russia. alex, there is no doubt this is certainly adding to what is an increasingly tense relationship between the t
Mar 2, 2014 9:00am PST
of state john kerry cave his take on putin's actions. >> there are plenty of ways to protect russian speaking people in crimea and other parts of ukraine. but they're really sort of a hidden pretext here, possibly trying to annex crimea. >> meanwhile, protesters in ukraine stormed an administration building and kharkiv. what's it like on the ground here today or this evening? >> reporter: hello. in ukraine, you may be able to make out behind me, in the square surrounds by protesters. these protesters are defending lenin, they say. there are flowers. there are photographs. but the photographs here are of riot policemen during the violence in kiev a few days ago. now, yesterday, there were clashes between pro-european protesters here what's left 100 people injured. and occupied the city here and hoisted the russian flag. today, they have riot police outside of it. the next target will be the big industrial city in the midst of the country. and quite pro-russia. the feel is there are is general chaos here and the tensions that justify the intervener here in the same in crimea. h
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2